• This audio guide to the Vatnsdalur valley was issued by the regional heritage group Landnám Ingimundar gamla. The guide, which lasts about one hour, includes descriptions of the nature, history and society of the region. Visitors will learn how the region was settled around 900 AD and about the remarkable church at Þingeyrar. The guide then leads the visitor up western side of the valley and back down the eastern side.
    • The guide comprises eight sections, with interludes of Icelandic music, all of which have some connection to the region.

Enjoy your visit to the Vatnsdalur valley.

  1. Vatnsdalur: Icelandic folk melody/Text: Grímur H. Lárusson of Grímstunga.
  2. Ingimundur the Aged
  3. Ave Benedicta: Old invocation the Virgin Mary. Icelandic folk melody/Text: anonymous.
  4. Þingeyrar
  5. "Grace": hymn sung before a meal. Icelandic folk melody.
  6. Vatnsdalshólar
  7. Lárus of Grímstunga: Melody: Bára Grímsdóttir/Text: Ásgrímur Kristinsson of Ásbrekka.
  8. Grímstunga
  9. My country home: Icelandic folk melody/Text: Ólafur Sigfússon of Forsæludalur.
  10. Þórormstunga
  11. Marðarnúpur: Melody: Bára Grímsdóttir/Text: Ásgrímur Kristinsson of Ásbrekka.
  12. Hof
  13. The Right Hand of God: Icelandic folk melody and verses.
  14. Hjallaland
  15. Form the Rimes of Partonopeus and Melior, based on a medieval French romance. Icelandic folk melody/Text: Helga Þórarinsdóttir.
  16. Stóra-Giljá
  17. Vatnsdalur Verses: Icelandic folk melody and verses.
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